5 Independent Coffee Shops in Milton Keynes to try


5 Independent Coffee Shops in Milton Keynes

We are always on the lookout for an independent coffee shop to try when we are out and about in Milton Keynes. Whether it’s when we’re having family time or if we are meeting friends, the search for an independent cafe is a must for us.

The five coffee shops included in this article are based upon personal experiences of working in Central Milton Keynes and a couple of coffee shops in and around Wolverton (where we live) which we have used for working, enjoying with the family and for a bit of down time.

Being the one who works remotely most often, Stu is the person visiting our local hot spots more regularly of the two of us. So with that in mind, how does he like his coffee and which coffee shops in Milton Keynes are on the list? Let him tell you:

Coffee, in my opinion, tastes so much better without anything in it. Black as the night I say! My go-to order will always be a black Americano because my taste buds like those rich and dark roast flavours. The cups of coffee I’ve experienced at the below coffee shops are all excellent and that’s why I have not ranked them in order of coffee greatness, but simply in alphabetical order. Maybe one day I will reveal which one has the best coffee. Just maybe.

Bar Bar Black Sheep – Wolverton

inside of bar bar black sheep independent coffee shop milton keynes

My second home during the working week. I found Bar Bar a few years ago when we first moved to Wolverton and fell in love with the amazing coffee and quirky decor. Run by some amazingly friendly people you will experience exceptional customer service, some interesting playlists, even more interesting conversations, a great story behind the coffee beans they use and a variety of social events they put on.

They also do suspended coffees from customer donations allowing anyone who needs a cup of coffee to have one. How does that work, you ask? Instead of buying one cup of coffee, you buy two and the second is logged in the system as ‘suspended’ and can be redeemed by anyone who needs it. Awesome right?!

If you’ve not been, then we would recommend checking out Bar Bar in Wolverton.

Address: 16 The Square, Wolverton, Milton Keynes MK12 5DG

Website: barbarcafe.co.uk
Facebook: barbarblacksheepmk
Instagram: @blacksheepbarbar

Bean In Stony – Stony Stratford

coffee and cake at Bean In Stony - Milton Keynes

Bean In Stony is a great family run independent cafe on the Hight Street in Stony Stratford, situated opposite NatWest in Stratford Arcade. We like it so much that I take our youngest boy there midweek as our reward after a morning of walking and exploring. The service is amazing and they are always accommodating for kids – the staff will often engage with the boys which is great to see.

They do a good cup of coffee and their breakfast bap (sausage, egg and hash brown) is super tasty. If you are wanting something a little more filling, then there is a breakfast and lunch menu which has plenty of options. If it’s just coffee or tea you are after, then you might be tempted by one of the many homemade treats they have on offer daily. The Crunchie tiffin is a firm favourite of mine!

Address: 75 High St, Stratford Arcade, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes MK11 1AY

Facebook: beaninstony
Instagram: @bean_in_stony

Gordoni – Wolverton

gordoni coffee shop in wolverton

This family run coffee shop is new to Wolverton, opening in December 2019. I’ve already been in a few times and have been so impressed with the service, coffee and the sweet treats on offer. Apart from having very good coffee, the food is also on another level, having been baked and prepared every morning by the family who own and run the cafe. Just check the treat counter and drool with anticipation. Try the biscuits with a hot drink because this combo is what this coffee shop will be renowned for I’m sure of.

The Gordoni family are so welcoming. It just so happened that the whole family were there when I popped in for the first time on New Year’s Eve and introduced themselves to me. Full of smiles and full of passion, as you would expect, being an Italian family.

If you are going shopping at Tesco or Lidl, why not pop in to Gordoni for a coffee and some cake treats. Furthermore, it’s great to mention they are open from 7am during the week, which is ideal for grabbing a takeaway cup en route to the train station.

Address: 7 Stratford Rd, Wolverton, Milton Keynes MK12 5RL

Facebook: Gordoni-Coffee-Cake-Snacks
Instagram: @gordoni_coffee_cakes_snacks

HomeGround Café MK

HomeGround Cafe MK coffee shop sign and entrance

We’ve had a few great experiences at HomeGround Cafe MK. The service is fantastic and the food is very good. It’s a great option if you are looking for a very reasonably priced hearty lunch meal in central Milton Keynes. The jacket potatoes are our go-to choice when we’ve visited for lunch. They also do decent coffee as they get their beans from local roasters, Wooden Hill Coffee Co.

Being a relatively new coffee shop to Milton Keynes, the decor looks great and it’s very spacious. This is a go-to coffee shop if you have children as it’s very kid/family friendly. Located within the YMCA building, it is a short walk from the shopping centre so if you fancy something a little less hectic than the shops, then this is well worth a try.

Address: 1 North Sixth Street, Milton Keynes MK9 2NR

Website: homegroundmk.com
Facebook: HomegroundMK
Instagram: @HomeGroundMK

Xpresso Net – Central Milton Keynes

xpresso net coffee shop in central milton keynes

If you have ever been to the Xscape building to visit the cinema or to go bowling, you might not have seen this small independent coffee shop opposite the escalators. Known for being an internet cafe, they have been there for nearly 20 years, offering hot drinks, snacks and cakes.

I’ve often popped into Xpresso Net for a couple of hours to catch up on work or to read a book or magazine. The coffee has always been good, and the homemade cakes are so good!

Address: 602, Unit 13, The Xscape 602 MK9 3XS

Website: xpressonet.co.uk
Facebook: xpressonet
Instagram: @xpressonetmk

We hope you have found this guide useful. The independent coffee shop scene in Milton Keynes is great and we look forward to exploring more coffee shops in the area.

Stu & Becca