5 reasons why we should shop local


5 reasons why we should shop local in Milton Keynes

The message ‘shop local’ is so important especially during COVID-19. We all need to do our bit to help local businesses in our area to firstly survive and then hopefully, to thrive.

As a Wolverton resident, my wife and I regularly visit a variety of local independent shops near to us because we want to support our local business community. It’s something we consciously try to do as it has several benefits, from helping the local economy to protecting the environment.

Here are 5 reasons why we should all look at trying to shop local and use the local independent businesses in Milton Keynes.

1. Personality, pride and excellent customer care

Owners of independent shops and businesses take huge pride in what they do and with that often comes impeccable customer service. This makes any visit to an independent much more than just a need for the service or product – it becomes a lifestyle choice. Local independent shops understand the importance of providing the very best customer service because they only flourish on repeat custom and reviews and recommendations.

2. Improve the local economy

When you spend money with a local run shop or business service, you are helping the local economy as these business owners and workers are also likely to be spending in local shops and businesses. I’ve certainly seen some business owners spending money in local pubs, breweries, barbers, coffee shops and gift shops in the Wolverton area so it does happen, and long may it continue.

3. Environmentally friendly

We are all hopefully doing our bit to help the environment and if you are like me and want to help keep this planet a safe environment for the younger generation to enjoy when they grow up, then you can help by walking to your local independent businesses and shops on the high street or in and around your town. By doing so, it would reduce the amount of traffic on our high streets and roads which will hugely reduce CO2 emissions.

There are also many great independent businesses in our local are who are doing their bit to help the planet. Businesses like

4. Community growth

If you shop local, the wonderful business is a source for local knowledge and are often taking part or organising local events and projects too. This can be very beneficial for growing communities and groups. Introducing yourself to local independent shops and businesses will help you learn about the great people within your community.

5. Local job opportunities

Did you know that independent small businesses across the UK are the largest employer, providing jobs to local people? Your custom to independent shops and businesses will help them to grow which will, in turn, mean that more local people can be employed.

Becca and Stu