5 ways to support small businesses during coronavirus


5 ways to support independent businesses during coronavirus

It’s a very scary time for small businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak. Business owners and workers are entering the unknown as they see a huge decline in customers. It’s more important than ever to support them and shop local.

We wanted to provide some positivity for those business owners and workers in the small business industry by sharing some ways we can all help our local shops and local independent businesses in our area during these challenging times.

Here are 5 ways to help small businesses during coronavirus:

1. Buy a Gift Card or Voucher

Businesses will take a huge hit during these tough times, especially cash-flow issues. To help your local independent business you can ask them if they offer gift cards or vouchers. These can then be used at a later date when it’s safe to go back to the business premises, e.g. restaurant, coffee shop, gift shop, bakery, florist.

2. Order Takeaway Food

Order a takeaway from your local restaurant for delivery or pickup. As the health advice tells people to avoid restaurants and food outlets, it’s a good time to help them by calling and ordering a takeaway for delivery. Some businesses are adopting a delivery service for the first time so contact them to see what options are available.

3. Buy Online from Small Businesses

As local shops and businesses struggle with a rapid decline in customers to their physical location, it’s time for customers to help them by visiting their online shop to purchase products. If you do buy something, why not share your recent purchase with your friends and family on social media – telling them what you bought and where from, sharing the website of the local business.

4. Follow and Engage with local businesses on Social Media

Follow your local businesses on social media. Like and share social media posts with family and friends to help spread the love about products and services. Engage with local businesses too by commenting something positive on their social media posts to give them a morale boost during difficult times.

5. Leave a Google Review for Local Businesses

If you’ve ever used a business in the past but never left them some feedback, now is a great time to leave a Google review for them. Reviews will not only boost credibility for a business but also help improve their digital presence, especially on Google search.

A final way to help would be to just communicate with your local businesses. Call them, email them or message them on social media and see if there are alternative ways of getting their products or services. Not only will your messages of support give a boost to small businesses and the owners, but it might also give them an idea to help them cope and adapt a little better with the current situation.

Below is a graphic you can use to share on social media, to help spread the word about helping support small businesses during the coronavirus outbreak.

We hope that these steps will help our local businesses, local shops and independent businesses stay afloat during these troubled times.

Please support your local businesses as much as possible.

– Becca and Stu –
independent mk

5 ways to support independent businesses during coronavirus