Getting your independent business online

Tips for getting your business online

If you are a shop, food outlet, bar, coffee shop or you offer business services in Milton Keynes, then you need to have a digital presence. No matter what industry your business sits in there is always going to be competition for customers and a digital presence is essential.

A website is a great start as this will give your brand its own online home which allows you to create content to help your business attract more customers. From there, your content can be shared on other channels like; social media, forums, business directories and even other websites. It all forms your digital presence and is an excellent way to grow brand awareness.

How to get a website built?

Before we give you advice about how you can improve your website, I wanted to make business owners aware of how easy it is to setup a website these days. There are plenty of website building platforms which are out there, cheap and very easy to manage. Whilst this is good for saving money, I would look at the other options of building a solid website which will last, will be secure and will be great for your branding online.

Our advice for creating a website is to use WordPress as it provides an all-in-one solution for content management and also for hassle-free website designing. It’s super easy to use and if you are planning on creating blog, then it the best way forward for your content marketing. This website,, uses WordPress and has cost next to nothing to get up and running.

Web designers in Milton Keynes

If you know what you are doing then it can be setup in just a few hours, but if you are a total novice, then you might want to ask around to see if a tech guru in your family or even one of your mates can help. If that’s still not an option, then you can use one of the many local website design companies in Milton Keynes to help you. Get a few quotes and always check out the reviews as well as looking at the websites they have built.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to getting a website setup:

  1. Purchase a domain name
  2. Purchase hosting which can integrate the WordPress platform
  3. Website designed in line with your branding
  4. Make sure it is secure – purchase an SSL certificate and add security plugins
  5. Create as much content which will showcase your products and services
  6. Look at basic SEO (search engine optimisation) for your content before going live
  7. Get a few people to proof-read your content
  8. Go LIVE with your new website
  9. Share your website with all your customers, friends and family
  10. Ongoing updates with content are necessary for Google search rankings

How to improve website visibility?

Now that you have a website in place you are ready for the next process.

If you are wondering how to get more people to visit your website, then you need to think about a marketing strategy that will focus on sharing your content so that more people will be interested in checking out your website. This can be through social media, paid ads, print advertisements and even word of mouth. If you focus on getting the content created, then the easy bit will be sharing.

Always create content for your website first before sharing on social media because it will bring more people to your website especially if the information you are providing is too much for Instagram or Facebook posts. A general rule of providing snippets of information to grab the attention of the customer to lead them back to your website should be your aim. Another tip would be to generate the same branding throughout your marketing processes. This will not only make your branding stand out, but it will also give your customers confidence in a professional brand, service and product.

Did you know that Google will improve your website visibility in search engines if your content is easy to read and simple to understand? The more you tailor your content for the user to be easy to read and understand will benefit your website for future brand awareness and digital presence.

The information above might be a bit overwhelming so never be afraid to ask someone for help or advice with digital marketing. We would love to give you some advice on how to get a website up and running and provide you with some tips on marketing your business, just email us on or connect with us on social media.