Eco-Friendly Scented Candles in Milton Keynes

A new independent business has just launched it’s Autumn/Winter range of eco-friendly scented candles which will get us all feeling that warm festive spirit this winter.

Introducing Robinson Wicks, a family-run business based in Milton Keynes who creates handcrafted luxury eco-friendly scented candles for home and business.

Robinson Wicks first started selling their candles at the beginning of this year (February 2023) after founders Mike and Elle found that most scented candles on the market are toxic. The couple, along with Freddy their family pooch, set out to create all-natural scented candles that were safe to burn and even pet-friendly.

Sustainable Ethos

The Robinson Wicks team has made a conscious decision to only source and use sustainable resources for their business. This includes everything from the product itself to the recyclable packaging. It’s a product ethos that makes them a fully eco-friendly business.

Custom Candles for Corporate Events and Weddings

Robinson Wicks offers personalised lids to compliment their amazing scented candles which are perfect for corporate events (gift bags) and weddings (wedding favours).

They can tailor all elements from the container to the wax selected and fragrance combinations with essential oils – all whilst keeping in line with their sustainability ethos. For more information on bespoke lids and scents, you can contact them directly via their website here.

Autumn & Winter Range

A popular time of year for the scented candle market with lots of people looking to create that warm festive feeling in their homes. The new Autumn/Winter range is set to do just that. Here’s a look at their latest candles.

Bonfire Night
Cinnamon and Orange
Mulled Cider
Pumpkin Spice

The Alternative Christmas Advent Calendar

We’re a big fan of something a bit different and a wax melt advent calendar hits the right chord with us. It must be a parent thing, but the Robinson Wicks Advent Calendar is a great alternative to the traditional chocolate ones and is a great gift for a partner or parent.

You can order a Wax Melt Advent Calendar here.

image of alternative wax melts advent calendar from Robinson Wicks

It was great to discover a new independent business in Milton Keynes and we look forward to seeing Mike, Elle, and Freddy’s business grow in the coming years.

To keep up to date with their latest products and news, you can visit their website and follow Robinson Wicks on their socials.

Instagram: @robinson_wicks
TikTok: @robinson_wicks