Introducing independent mk

independent mk: our story

Championing independent businesses in and around Milton Keynes is what independent mk is all about. We want to celebrate, collaborate with, and shouout to as many people as possible about all of the great independent businesses in our area.

Hi! We are Stu and Becca, husband and wife, from Wolverton, Milton Keynes. We are both passionate about local independents which is why we decided to set up independent mk so we could share the wonderful independents in and around Milton Keynes.

So how was the passion for independent businesses born?

Becca’s love of independent businesses came from…

My love for independent businesses came from seeing first-hand the amazing life-changing leap some of my close friends made in deciding to start their own independent businesses. I have full admiration for someone who has set up their own business, hats off to them.

Each and every customer makes a big difference to small businesses, they help that independent stay alive and grow. I am always looking for new businesses I have not heard of so I can see what they have to offer. It’s often something unique and sometimes something completely opposite to what the big chains offer.

Stu’s love of independent businesses came from…

It wasn’t until my late twenties that I discovered great tasting coffee and that particular occasion came from a trip to America. I was introduced to some great coffee shops in Atlanta, Georgia. I absolutely loved the independent coffee shops and cafes out there and can distinctly remember the amazing customer service that came with every cup of coffee prepared at a counter or poured at your table. Since that discovery, nearly 15 years ago, I have had a passion for seeking out great independent coffee shops everywhere I visit. It’s safe to say, Milton Keynes has some amazing coffee shops.

One day I would love to help Becca run her own coffee shop, but for now, I will definitely settle for being an independent coffee shop customer!

Sustainable living in Milton Keynes

Having a young family (two boys) our focus is all about them and the future for them which means thinking about what lies ahead in the coming years on this planet. As we all become more educated about sustainability, climate change, and how we need to help the planet in our everyday routines, we need to know more about the amazing sustainable things that independent businesses are doing to help.

We will share the amazing stories of how businesses in and around the Milton Keynes area are helping to change our way of thinking about consumer products and services.

Thank you for stopping by and reading about independent mk and us! We look forward to sharing our experiences with you all.

Please don’t be shy and connect with independent mk and let us know about your independent business or an experience you’ve had with an independent business, service or product.

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