Melanie Mosaics – Artist in Milton Keynes

About Melanie Mosaics

Melanie is a professional artist with 25 years of experience in the UK. She started her career designing bespoke wallcoverings and furnishings, but her love of colour and decoration led her to mosaic art. She is drawn to mosaic’s longevity and the wide variety of materials that can be used.

Melanie’s work is vibrant and uplifting, and it can be found in both indoor and outdoor spaces. She creates custom designs for walls, floors, seating, wayfinding, and sculpture. Her work is highly durable and can withstand the elements, making it perfect for both public and private spaces.

Furthermore, Melanie’s work has been featured in galleries and exhibitions around the UK and overseas. She is passionate about using her art to brighten people’s lives, and she loves to see people react to her work with joy and wonder.

Mosaic Commissions

Melanie creates beautiful and unique mosaics that can enhance any space, in any theme or colour scheme. Her mosaics are robust and built to last, with stunning designs and sumptuous materials.

Melanie creates site-specific mosaics that are perfect for any setting. She works with clients to create a design that is both beautiful and functional.

Melanie can install mosaics on walls, floors, seating, table and bar tops, and beautiful signage. She uses a variety of materials, including glass, tile, stone, and even recycled materials.

If you are looking for a beautiful and unique mosaic to enhance your space, Melanie is the artist for you. Contact her today to discuss your project.

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Studio: Stony Stratford

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Facebook: @MelanieMosaics
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barn owl mosaic by Melanie Mosaics
cockatoo mosac close up
tortoiseshell mosaic on ox eye daisy Melanie Mosaics