Q&A: With Tracy Wong from T.sweetmap


Tracy Wong from T-sweetmap talks to independent mk about her inspiration for creating beautiful cakes, the independent food scene in Milton Keynes and, of course, Bake Off: The Professionals.

T.sweetmap is a home-based bespoke cake business in Milton Keynes which excels in providing amazing treats to desert lovers in the local area.

We have been keeping an eye on T-sweetmap since independent mk started last year and we have loved seeing the amazing deserts being created. Every photo they share has the wow factor.

Before we get to the Q&A, let’s talk about their ‘cake box’! If deserts are your thing, then you want to try some very tasty treats that come in the T.sweetmap cake box.

We were lucky enough to order one of the cake boxes for pickup a couple of weeks back. Stu was super excited to try them. The box included;

  • Chocolate heaven, an almond sweet pastry tart filled with caramel sauce, chocolate ganache, topped with hand piped chocolate cream and decorated with an edible chocolate T.sweetmap logo.
  • Hazelnut praline panna cotta with caramelised hazelnuts and a chocolate decoration.
  • Lemon tart, made with fresh lemon cream filling top, a soft brown meringue and gold leaf.
  • Mango passion mousse cake with chocolate ganache, vanilla cream and chocolate decoration.
  • Raspberry chocolate torte with a rich chocolate base, a layer of white chocolate mousse, raspberry jelly, hand made chocolate flowers and edible golden chocolate logo.

The verdict from Stu:

It’s amazing that these cakes are made from a home kitchen, it’s clear that the team at T.sweetmap  have incredible skill. Not only are they stunning to look at, they also taste phenomenal. True craftsmanship!

With their cake boxes, the 5 exquisite treats bring fine dining tastes to your home. It is a perfect way to enjoy some incredible food at home. The photo below doesn’t do the pieces of art justice.

t.sweetmap cake box milton keynes - independent mk

How to order a T.sweetmap cake box?

Keep an eye out on their social media profiles for the latest round of ordering:

Instagram @t.sweetmap
Facebook @t.sweetmap
Twitter @tsweetmap
Website sweetmap.co.uk

Be quick because they sold out within hours last week. We were lucky enough to place an order again this week – a treat for Stu on Father’s Day! He’s not eating all 5 though!

Anyone watching Bake Off: The Professionals?

If you are a fan of Bake Off: The Professionals, then you would already know that Team T.sweetmap are currently wowing the judges of the show in Channel 4’s latest series. It’s great to see a independent business from Milton Keynes representing the local area and doing very well. We were so thrilled to see Tracy and Moos finish first in the last heat, amongst with what looked like some very tough competition. We are looking forward to seeing how far they can go in the coming weeks.

Whilst there is a break for T.sweetmap during heat 2 of Bake Off: The Professionals we caught up with Tracy to find out more about her journey into cake making and to also ask her about the independent food scene in Milton Keynes.

Q. When did your love for creating cakes and deserts start?

A. I have enjoyed baking from a young age but started doing more frequently when I was working as a counsellor in Australia. Weekends baking were my relaxation days to create desserts. One day, a sudden brainwave struck, and a decision was made to step out of my comfort zone to make a change. I wanted to change the type of work that I have always been doing. I applied for a working holiday visa to start a three-year adventure to London and Paris. This is where I started gaining professional fine dining experience in a five-star hotel and other restaurants.

Q. How have you found the independent food scene, collaborating with other businesses in Milton Keynes?

A. Milton Keynes has a vibrant independent food and drink scene. There are a lot of amazing markets and events to support independent businesses. I participated in the MKFOODFEST for 3 consecutive years but unfortunately this year was cancelled due to COVID-19. I supply unique cakes on a weekly basis for an independent coffee shop – Bogota Coffee Company at the hub and also at Nonna’s in Woburn sands.

Q. What inspired you to apply for Bake Off: The Professionals?

A. As we are a home-based business, I would like to see how far we could go against other professional chefs who represent hotels and restaurants.

Q. What is the ultimate goal for you? Where you would like to see your craft take you in the future?

A. We are hoping to set up our studio in the near future where we can run workshops and classes as well as continue to create bespoke cake orders.

Q. Finally, what do you like or love about living in Milton Keynes?

A. Milton Keynes is a modern and fast-growing city with great business potential. It has a lot of open space and greenery, people that I meet here are very lovely. I found that it is a nice place to live and I have established my business here.

Thank you to Tracy from T.sweetmap for taking the time to chat to independent mk. We wish her and her team all the best for the remainder of Bake Off: The Professionals and also for the future growth of T.sweetmap.

Becca & Stu